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RealStep invests in the development of alternative real estate models. A unique approach that has led to excellent results for over 20 years. Directly managed from the founders Pietro Guidobono Cavalchini and Stefano Sirolli, the company enjoys an excellent reputation for:
– selecting unique assets
– developing remarkable real estate concepts
– creating value in wildly fluctuating market conditions.

The team has directly invested and advised other investors on the development of almost 300,000 sqm of former industrial sites.

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How do we control costs and repeatedly meet deadlines on individual projects?

RealStep has always done things a little differently. Over the last two decades we perfected a modus operandi that is as bold as it is inventive. And best of all, it works.

We evaluate real estate with the investment logic that drives company acquisitions and we manage individual projects through an industrial process. This Private Equity approach truly sets us apart from other real estate developers and helps us in achieving our goals regardless of pre-sales.

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