Former General Electric

Milan, Via Tortona, 35

Flexible and efficient spaces with a strong aesthetic impact in one of the most sought after areas in the city.

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A project is born

General Electric owned an electric turbine production plant of approximately 30,000 sqm which was transformed into a multifunctional complex throughout the first decade of the 21st Century during a varied step process.


The RealStep approach

The Via Tortona location was first purchased in 2000. The site was then sold on to an American Web Hosting company before being bought back in 2002 during the new economic crisis. At that point the property was largely abandoned with only two areas of approximately 3,000 sqm each that were leased to two major telephone companies (Global Crossing and Cable & Wireless).

During this phase of the development the two lease agreements were managed and, on a parallel track, other areas for the benefit of future users were developed. A receptive business sector responded with the opening of the Design & Fashion Hotel under the NH Hotel chain, offices and a showroom gallery conceived by the architect Dordoni.

In 2016, the lease contract for the two areas occupied by the telephone companies ran out. RealStep managed the acquisition of these 6,000 sqm, proposing to complete the redevelopment of the last remaining significant asset of Via Tortona. The project boasted a façade of more than 100 linear metres on Via Tortona, including the ability to create new access and improve the general viability of the site. It aimed at turning what was previously a building housing only technological components functional to the telecom industry into a unique location for medium and large companies looking for significant spaces in the neighbourhood.

  • Results

The targeted intervention has evolved a relatively modest economic prospect into flexible and efficient spaces with a strong aesthetic impact in one of the most sought-after areas in the city. This project, more than any other, managed to summarise the RealStep vision, its ability to adapt to changing economic climates and to identify opportunities where others only see problems. Also thanks to this approach RealStep succeeded in selling the entire building in a very short period of time and earlier than expected to the Italian eyewear company Luxottica, which intends to develop and use it as a link between production and the final user.

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