La Forgiatura

Via Varesina, 162

La Forgiatura is a unique integrated campus located in Zona Certosa, in the North-Western part of Milan.

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A project is born

A disused industrial area in the North West of Milan was redeveloped and regenerated through RealStep and the architect Giuseppe Tortato. The original, historic forging factory (from which the project borrows its name) manufactured special steel components that were exported throughout the world for most of the 19th Century and even gained permission to provide to nuclear power plants. Over 15,000 sqm of existing buildings were restructured and around 15,000 sqm of new buildings were added. The total development also includes common areas and green spaces covering approximately 8,000 sqm, public footpaths and underground parking for more than 400 cars.


The RealStep approach

The area surrounding La Forgiatura has undergone extensive urban transformation recently. The project focus was on sustainability and Class B energy use throughout the entire complex as well as carbon-free technology with plants fed by ground water and the use of renewable lighting and irrigation energy. An underground tunnel ensures that no maintenance work takes place on the surface. Old structures were recovered, regenerated, partially demolished and certified in accordance with current legislation along with new construction of the Raimondi building. Every part of the project has been designed for the custom-made needs of the end user and RealStep demonstrates its ability to ‘make to measure’ and optimise efficiency.

  • Results

La Forgiatura is a multifunctional centre with a strong international flavour. Technological innovation, consumption optimisation (one of the most efficient in Milan), superb flexibility and ample green space summarise the project. Attracting excellent brands, the building was designed to accommodate the most modern and highly demanding companies active in the medical, fashion and ICT industries. Eight contemporary buildings are customised to host production and office space as well as showrooms within the façade of industrial architecture. A true urban oasis that happens to be carbon-free, where the buildings are interspersed with artificial hills.

The successful completion of the project and the subsequent final location of all available spaces to primary international corporations has substantially improved the overall outlook of this area of the city, thereby creating new demand for high-quality business spaces.

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