RealStep SICAF is one of the first multi-compartment real estate Sicaf authorized in Italy by Bank of Italy.

RealStep SICAF aims at raising capital from institutional and private investors for specific

real estate investment projects, with particular attention to industrial areas to be redeveloped.

Our projects

RealStep SICAF aims at investing in specific projects with a particular focus on former industrial areas in order to redevelop and renew sites into high-technology, low energy-consuming complexes with flexible and efficient spaces, whilst maintaining the historical peculiarity of each area.

Compartment 1
Ripamonti 89




Via Ripamonti, 89 – Milano

Launch date

March 2018

Key investor document

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The Ripamonti 89 real estate complex, based in Milan, is close to the Porta Romana railway station, in the south quadrant of the city. This district is located in a semi-central area of the city, which has recently undergone some interesting urban redevelopment projects (such as the Prada Foundation and the Prada Musuem, designed by OMA under the guidance of architect Kem Koolhaas).

Ripamonti 89, formerly the headquarters of the Vitagliano publisher, is composed of two office buildings and two warehouses, for a total of approximately 18,000 sqm.

The project aims to convert the complex into a modern, sustainable and creative campus while respecting the history and evolution of each building.



RealStep SICAF SpA complies with the Arbitrator for Financial Disputes (Arbitro per le Controversie Finanziarie – “ACF”) established by Consob with its resolution no. 19602, dated May 4, 2016, which regulates its operations, structure and procedures. The ACF settles disputes between retail investors and intermediaries. See the document (ACF guidelines) for an overview of the workings of ACF.

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